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Catch the wind

Scorer for: spontaneity, creativity, unbridled energy and good fun. Yellow cards for bored, rigid and without style.

We create extraordinary things on the computer

For us, implementing IT solutions is more than just software installation. We specialise in services relating to IT technologies, consulting and outsourcing. The mission of our company is to support the key areas of activity of your business through supplying exceptional solutions based on IT technologies.

Let them see you

We believe that it is not the big one that eats the small one, but the fast one swallows the sluggish one

We bring things to Life

We’re here to achieve success together!

Our goal is the original design which stems from beauty and the understanding of the client’s needs.

About Us

One Group - Diverse Reach. Coscis Group - the right place for your business.

CG is an innovative business platform developing dynamically, which is created by people with high professional competence in the scope of marketing, IT technology, brand management, exterior and interior design, and which has allowed us to create a global organisation located in Sydney, the heart of Australian business. We work offering high design culture. Through implementing particular standards of work and building a team of passionate people, we have taken care of the internal unity of the company. We continue to learn and expand our knowledge to provide best advice services to our partners. CG was established to support people in developing their own business ideas, not only in Australia but also in Europe. We think locally but we act globally, as we believe that success will last longer if you achieve it without breaking the rules.

Level 29 Chifley Tower 2 Chifley Square Sydney NSW 2000 Australia